Event Details

St Brides, 14 Bride Lane
London EC4Y 8EQ
30th March 2017 — 7:00pm

Tim Fendley is a British typographer, information designer and entrepreneur. Founder of Union Design, MetaDesign London, Applied Wayfinding and Living Map.

For the last 15 years Tim has immersed himself in his passion for complex information and the concept of legible cities. He lead the design, and lobbied for, the ground-breaking Legible London scheme. Out of Applied’s International offices he and his team advise Rio de Janiero, Heathrow, Vancouver, Toronto, New York and The National Gallery. 

Taking tech geekery to a whole new level he recently founded a venture funded mapping technology business. Living Map is currently working with places like CERN, the home of the Hadron Collider, The MET NYC and the British Library, and now working with people from US NRL and NASA.

Bring your anoraks!