Bastard Santa: A bittersweet talk by M Denton Esq

Event Details
St Bride Library, 14 Bride Lane,
London EC4Y 8EQ
24 February 2015. 7:00pm

Mark Denton has been a creative partner of a famous ad agency and the owner of a highly awarded design company. He’s launched and designed a magazine, re-launched Britain’s oldest advertising awards and put on the UK’s first ever World Championship Mexican Wrestling event.

He’s done loads of different jobs from Knitting Digest’s premier paste up artist, to typographic assistant, to visualiser, art director, creative director and everything in between. He’s currently a TV commercial director, art directing and designing at COY! Communications.

Denton has produced award winning work for clients such as Nike, Wrangler, Heineken, Levis, Greenpeace and many many more.