The Private Life of Digital Typography

Event Details
JWT Building 1 Knightsbridge Green
London SW1X 7NW
20 November 2008 7:00pm

Fred Flade is the Design Director of digital agency Poke and co-founder of The 100 Project.

Previously the Executive Creative Director and founding partner of De-construct, his passion for design, typography
and strong ideas have led to award-winning projects such as the Frost Design website and the Barbican’s online presence.

The inherent nature of digital design has added a new dimension to
typography. From stunningly crafted layouts to playful interactive
treatments, typographic design in the digital space has flourished since
technical boundaries have lessened. Animation and interaction allow a
creative expression through ‘behaviour’, communicating beyond its static
visual qualities.

This talk will celebrate some of the outstanding typographic work produced
in the digital space today.